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January 3


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"He's weird."

"He's a freak that's what he is. My mum says his whole family is a bunch of freaks."

"I like him." The young girl said in the middle of her friends.

Her (h/l) (h/c) was tied into two separate pigtails with (f/c) ties. She wore her uniform neatly with her school tie pushed up to her neck, however, she had the first button of her shirt undone and her cardigan hung open. Her socks pulled up to her knees and her shoes only had a few scuffs on the toes.

"What?" Her friend Jake turned to her, his brown hair irritating his eyes. He furrowed his small brows at her, his brown eyes flashing with confusion. His shoes had been scuffed severely while his shirt hung out from his trousers and his tie hung loosely around his neck.

"How can you like him? He's so mean." Her other friend Tamsin spoke up. Her long brown hair had been pulled back into a high ponytail. Her uniform was roughly the same as hers, expect her cardigan had been buttoned up.

"He doesn't have that many friends-"

"He doesn't have any friends." Jake corrected her.

"No one takes the time to get to know him." She protested against her friends. She almost stomped her foot down against the graveled ground as they stood outside in the playground for their morning break.

It was true. She had always found the strange curly haired boy rather intriguing. Everyone else see him as rude, a freak and someone not to be antiquated with. She hated listening to the venomous words her so-called friends spat behind his back.

He was different, yes. Everyone was different in their own ways. He was incredibly intelligent for someone his age and she found that to be rather admirable.

There was a crowd gathering around the middle of the grounds and children kept on being added to it every second. All three of their heads turned towards the growing crowd and she knew all too well what was going on.

Ignoring the sneering of her friends she raced towards the crowd and began to push her way through the crowd, yelling at people to move and get out of her way.

She found the curly haired boy lying on the floor, being beaten by one of her classmates.

"Leave him alone!" She screamed.

The shouts and cries from the children began to grow quiet. The boy that was hitting him with barreled fists ceased his hitting and turned to her.

"And why should I?"

She opened her mouth to speak but she was cut off by the sound of teachers rushing over and demanding that they break it up. Everyone scattered.

She knelt down in front of the boy as he remained in a ball on the ground. She gently raised her hand to touch his shoulder but he flinched away.

"Are you okay, Sherlock?" She asked quietly.

"Do I look okay?" He pushed himself off the ground and away from her. She stood up.

"You need to go to the nurse."

"No I don't."

"Your face is scratched." She grabbed onto his his hand and - despite his protest - began to drag him into the school building and towards the nurses office.

- - - - -

"It's just a small scratch and a little bruising, nothing to worry about." The sweet nurse stated as she wiped the small essence of blood that had been swept onto his face.

She sat on the chair in the office, her legs swinging above the ground as she watched the nurse look him over.

"I know that." He said through his teeth.

"All right, all right," She turned to face the little girl sitting in the car and glanced a smile before turning back to Sherlock.

"It's nice to see that you've managed to make a friend." She said quietly.

He glanced over the woman's shoulder and towards the girl with two ponytails. When her eyes caught hold of his she turned away from him. Her hands suddenly became interesting.

"Why would you say tha-"

"You usually come here alone. It's nice to see someone taking an interest in you."

"You sound just like my mother." He rolled his eyes.

The nurse smiled at him, a small giggle escaped her throat. She assisted the young boy off of the examining table and onto the floor.

"You two better get back to class then." She announced.

The girl jumped off of the seat and made her way to the door. The nurse gently patted the girl's shoulder and opened the door. They exited the room and began to make their way back to their classroom.

Sherlock stopped abruptly in the corridor. Her feet refused to move as she stared at him in confusion.

"Thank you.." He mumbled.

"It's okay," She smiled at him. "I don't like it when people bully you. It's horrible, the things they say."

"I've heard, but thank you."

"You don't need to keep saying thank you, I just want to be your friend."

He furrowed his brows at her. "Why would you want to be my friend?"

She shrugged. "I like you. You're not like everyone else."

A small smile peeled onto his lips for the first time. He pecked her cheek. Her eyes widened at his sudden gesture.

The only person to ever do that was either her mother or father.

It felt nice. She couldn't help but touch her cheek when he was standing away from her. He took hold of her hand.

"Let's go to class before the teacher gives us detention, she's not in a good mood today."

"I know." She smiled.

He began to lead her towards their classroom, his small hand tightly holding onto hers. He didn't let it go until they reached the classroom door.

Maybe this whole making friends business wasn't such a bad thing after all.
When writing Safe Bet :iconsailorluna101: pointed out that it would be cute it the reader and Sherlock attended the same school. So here we are! 
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