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August 30, 2012
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I awkwardly walked down the street with Levi. The conversation ran dead after a good half an hour. I shoved my hands in my pockets as we walked, the wind hit my face sweeping my hair out of my eyes but it also help cool me down.
Jack's not even been gone for a full hour yet and my hearts already hurting from missing him.
Levi was walking so happily he looked liked he would almost start skipping. What's made him so happy? "Hey Alex," Levi stopped walking. I spun around once he spoke.
"You know my parents are out of town at the moment," Wait where is this leading to? "So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming over, you know to keep me company."
I opened and closed my mouth like a cod fish trying to form words. "Also since Jack's out of town and so is Rian and Zach I thought it would be good since it's just us two."
"I think I might just wanna go home Levi," The firsts sentence that came into my head. True is I actually did want to go home, curl up into my bed and sleep for a bit or play my guitar or some video games until Jack comes home. "Just sleep or something, I'm pretty tired." I gave him a sympathetic smile. It was nice of him to ask me though.
"Oh okay." He looked so upset at me saying no to going over to his. "Maybe some other time then." He placed his hands behind his back and stood on his tiptoes, towering over me.
I smiled at him. "Yeah sure, some other time."
"Well I'll see you later then yeah?" He smiled from ear to ear.
"See ya later." I replied, watching him walk across the street and down a side-street, leaving me standng in the middle of the sidewalk alone.
This summer is either going to be okay or just plain boring. Something about the way Levi was walking and the question he asked me, something doesn't feel right.
It's probably nothing to worry about.

When I got home I just collapsed on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. "Do you want anything to eat Alex?" My mom asked as she walked into the living room.
"No I'm not hungry." I mumbled as I rolled over onto my stomach.
She came and sat down beside me, patting my leg. "He's only going to be gone for a few weeks honey, it's not like he's moved back to Canada." Mom gently said.
She makes it sound so right but I'm already missing him. " But summer's going to be so boring without him or Rian or Zach,"
"But you still the new boy, oh what's his name.." She drifted off as she tried to recall his name.
"Levi." I blurted out.
"Yes him, summer wouldn't be that boring."
"But it's a summer without any of the guys, it's obvious it's going to be boring especially without Jack." I felt like I was about to cry again. I sound so soppy, crying won't do anything.
Stay calm Alex, like your mom said he isn't moving back to Canada now is he? No he's not he's just going there to visit some relatives for a few weeks that's all. Besides you'll get phone calls from him every night starting tonight.
That's one thing I can look forward to. Getting a phone call from him. "Now I'm going to make you a peanut butter sandwich,"
"But-"I began to say.
"No but's Alex," She cut me off. "I'm going to make you something to eat and you're gonna like it."
I sighed. "Fine." I got up from the sofa and began to make my way up the stairs. "I'll be up in my room." I told her.
I opened and closed my bedroom, kicking my shoes off before collapsing onto my bed. Before I had the chance to close my eyes my phone began to buzz in my pocket. I sighed as I slowly got my phone out of my pocket.
Jack can't be phoning me already can he? Well not unless it was an absolute emergency.
I flipped open my phone - it was Levi?
Strange what did he want?
"Hello?" I answered. Levi was breathing quickly down the phone.
"Alex? Alex? Oh thank god, listen I think my arms broken."
"Wait what happened to you? Are you okay?" I jumped up from my bed and slide my shows back on again.
"It's nothing, I just fell." Just fell? That's such a bad excuse. "I was wondering if you could take me to the hospital, if that isn't too much trouble."
"No, no it's fine. Just tell me where you are."
"I'm at my house, you remember where that is don't you?" I remember exactly where it is. Me and the guys went there to meet his parents and to show them he had made new friends. His parent's are nice but his dad seems a bit strict.
"Yeah I remember." I started to jog downstairs. "I'll be there as quick as I can okay?"
"Okay." I hung up the phone, grabbing my car keys before heading for the door.
"Alex, where are you going?" My mom came out of the kitchen holding the peanut butter sandwich she just made me.
"Levi thinks he might have broken his arm so I'm going to take him to the hospital." I answered her.
"Okay, is he alright? Wait what do I do with this sandwich?"
"He says he's fine and just put it in the fridge for now." I walked out of the door and jumped into my car, making my way to Levi's.

We spent two whole hours in the hospital. When I reached Levi's he was sitting outside his house waiting for me and I had to help him into my car like some elderly person. He looked pretty bashed up as well, his lip was cut too. Then when we reached the hospital we had to wait for what seemed to be a good half an hour before someone would finally see him.
So I had to wait in the waiting area alone for him. It was boring and there wasn't many people in there as well and I couldn't do anything apart from sit and stare at the ceiling. And I'm still waiting on him to come out.
God how long does it take to put a cast on someone's arm? My eyes feel heavy, I could easily take a nap while I'm waiting. Before I even had the change to close my eyes Levi came walking out of the doctors room with a blue cast on his arm. Can I ever catch a break?
I stood up and walked over to him. "Take it it's broken then?"
"Yeah," He sighed, he sounded like he was more tired than I am. "You wouldn't mind giving me a lift back home would you?"
A very stupid question to ask. "I wouldn't still be here if I wasn't going to now would I?"
He smiled and nodded his head. "Sorry it was a stupid question to ask."
We began walking out of the hospital towards my car in the parking lot. "So do you wanna tell me what actually happened to you and don't say that 'you just fell' because I don't believe it."
Levi's looked directly at me. His eyes were full of fear, regret and shame. "I-It, I mean," He stuttered out. "It was just some guys from my old school," He began saying. "We had some sort of disagreement and well let's just say they came to settle the score."
Wait, am I hearing this right? Some guys from his old school came and beat him up? He's almost the same height as Jack! But I suppose height doesn't have anything to do with self defense.
"Why didn't you tell me you were scared of something like that happening, I could have helped you out."
In my mind, it was Jack that was standing there infront of me not Levi. In my mind, I was talking to Jack and Jack was the one that had been beaten up, not Levi. It wasn't Levi standing there with his longish blonde hair and beautiful grey eyes but it was Jack with his blackish hair and gorgeous big brown eyes.
Sorry if this is a sort of crap series :/
Prologue : [link]
Chapter One : [link]
Chapter Two : [link]
Chapter Three : [link]
Chapter Four : You Are Here
Chapter Five : [link]
blessmeatsix Aug 30, 2012  Student Writer
Now I desperately want to read more. This isn't a crap series, it's amazing.
PandaExperience Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's good you think that thanks :3
I'll writing more of it soon!
blessmeatsix Sep 1, 2012  Student Writer
Awesome, I can't wait!
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