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August 13, 2012
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I rolled over onto my stomach, laying my head on it's side on the pillow while my phone vibrated over and over again, alerting me it was to get my ass out of bed. I groaned as I watched it fall onto the floor from my bed side table, making me have to get out of bed now.
I leaned over the side of my bed, picking up my phone from my carpeted floor only to realise I have 2 text messages from Jack. "Crap."I muttered fully getting out of bed.

Message 1 :
Morning beautiful!
J xxx
Sent at : 7:05

God that was sent to me half an hour ago. I feel so bad for not hearing it. Everytime I text him he always replies less that a second after it. One reason why I'm such a hopeless boyfriend.

Message 2:
I know you're still asleep but I'm gonna make my way to yours, see ya soon..
J xxx
Sent at: 7:45

Crap, he sent that ten minutes ago and I'm just awake. I jumped up off the bed, running from my room to the bathroom like a mad man. I looked in the mirror, patting my hair done I have no time to wash it or straighten it. Brushing my teeth and quickly washing my face with water was the best I could do.
I sprinted back into my room, grabbing the first pair of skinny jeans that I could see lying around, as well as a long sleeved black and white stripped t shirt that was lying on the back of the chair that was in my room. I think I had this on yesterday. Did I have this on yesterday?
It doesn't matter I don't have time to find anything else, Jack's probably here by now anyway.
Me and Jack have been going out for a few months now and I'm still fussing over what my hair looks like or what clothes I was in, like I've still got a girly highschool crush on him. But I can't help it, Jack Barakat is perfect, the boy of my dreams, my shinning star, my world. And he could have chosen anyone else but he had chosen me.
Me of all people.
I put on my shoes and quickly walked down stairs. "Morning sleeping beauty." Jack chimed sitting at the kitchen table with my mom chopping on a bowl of cheerios.
"Morning." I mumbled sitting down besides Jack. His brown eyes lit up when I sat down next to him like he hadn't seen me in a while, when he had only seen me yesterday.
"I'll be off to work now, you two better head for school soon." Mom stood up from her seat, leaving a kiss on my forehead before heading for the door. "Bye honey, bye Jack."
"Bye mom!"
"Bye Mrs Gaskarth!" Jack shouted, his mouth full of cheerios. After a slam of the door, it was only me and Jack in the house. He swalled the cheerios before suggesting "You know we could skip school today."
"What? And risk getting our ass's kicked by both of our parents?" I questioned poking his side. "No thanks."
He pouted his lip and gave me his puppy dog eyes, making him look more cuter than ever. "I said no Jack."
"Awww come on why not?!" He whined laying his head on my lap, stretching his arms into the air.
I chuckled to myself.

After ten minutes of persuading him and showering him in kisses we were finally in school...stuck in spanish..
bored. Maybe if I had agreed to skip school with Jack I wouldn't be stuck here dying from boredum and wouldn't be on completely opposite side of the room from him. The closet person that I knew near me was Zack and he was half asleep.
I let out a sigh as I looked over at Jack. The seat next to him was empty, the seat that I used to sit at before I was moved away from him.
You see, when me and Jack did sit next to each other we would whisper to each other different cute things, hold each others hands underneath the desk. I think once we kissed in class just to annoy the teacher. No I remember we did and that was why I got moved to the other side of the room next to Zack. This is the only class I have with him and I don't get to be anywhere near him.
"When do we finish?" Mumbled a sleepy Zack, his head still on the desk and a book in front of his face to make it look like he was actually doing something.
"I don't know but I'm as bored as you are." He just nodded his head and fell back asleep again. And the boredum continues.

Lunchtime, food time. We all sat - more like squished - on a bench outside. Rian ate his lunch so fast I'm surprised he didn't choke on it.
"Hey did you guys notice the new guy today?" Jack asked with a mouthful of tuna sandwich.
Rian, Zack and I all exchanged confused glances. "Nope." I answered the question for all of us.
I put down my tray at my feet, still looking at Jack with a confused expression. "Well he's been in a few of my classes," He pointed across the grounds. "That's him over there." I followed to where he was pointing.
This guy, he was tall - not much smaller than Jack by the looks of it - had longish blonde hair and was standing awkwardly with a couple of the jocks. He didn't look like he really belonged standing with them - what with his grey jeans and dark blue t shirt. And...I was getting this strange feeling in my gut.
Maybe just indigestion.
"We should invite him to sit with us." Blurted out Zach. He's normally the quiet one who doesn't say much so I'm sort of surprised he would suggest this.
"We should," Jack nudge my arm, like I was the leader of this little group who had to make the decisions.
"I mean, we don't want him to get into the crowd with the jocks now do we?"
I nodded my head in agreement. "Yeah sure why not." I stood up with them, holding Jack's hand as we walked over to the new boy.
Chapter One of le Jalex fanfic :3
I'm sorry if it's bad, this is like my first ever Jalex fanfic

Prologue - [link]
Chapter Two : [link]
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blessmeatsix Aug 26, 2012  Student Writer
Oh my God, I loved sleepy Zack asdfghjkl<3
PandaExperience Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Had to have a sleepy Zack in there somewhere
Please tell me you are writing more of this!!!
PandaExperience Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry I'm working on chapter two now, I'm just busy with school at tge moment :3
Thats cool, take your time :)
PandaExperience Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's fully finished now so I'm now trying to work on another one as well as a Phan one :3
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