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August 24, 2013
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You sat by the riverbank hitting the water as it crept onto the bank with your toes, tapping away and ignoring all your problems. It truly was peaceful.

"Mind if I sit here?" You looked up to see Sam looking down at you with his chocolatey green eyes.

You smiled up at him and nodded before looking away from him and back to the beautiful view in front of you. A nice cool breeze past through the trees creating a gentle whistling sound. Birds were beginning to make their way back home, it wasn't too late luckily enough.

"It's lovely out here." You whispered, continuously tapping the water with your toes. The tide was coming in a little covering your foot sending a cooling sensation throughout your body.

"It is," Sam breathed. He turned to face you. "Want to go for a swim?"

Heat rose to your cheeks and all you could was shake my head in reply, bringing your knees close to your chest and wrapping your arms around them. You were ashamed to admit the truth and it wasn't that you were afraid of water.

"You can swim can't you?"

This brought more heat to your cheeks. You shook your head again trying to avoid talking. You looked down at your feet avoiding eye contact with Sam.

You waited to hear him laughing but instead there was silence, that was until there was some rustling beside you.

Your turned to head and looked up to find Sam stripping from his clothes.

"Sam..what are you doing?" You squinted up at him nervously.

He removed all of his clothes with the exception of his boxers with a smile.

"I'm going to teach you how to swim."

You could feel your whole face turn red at the thought of Sam teaching you how to swim in
nothing but his boxers. You were as red as tomato as you realised you didn't have any swimwear meaning you'd most likely be stuck in your bra and underwear.

"B-But I don't have any swimwear a-and," You stuttered trying to think up another good reason as to why this was a bad idea.

"It's only me (Y/N)," He held his hand out to you. You reluctantly accepted his hand, pulling you away from the ground. "Beside Dean's in the cabin with Castiel and he'll keep him busy for a while." Sam seductively winked at you.

"Sammy!" You couldn't help but laugh at him but you had to try and stay serious.

"What?" He smiled his sweet innocent smile like he had done nothing wrong. The sort of smile a child would give their parent to prove that it wasn't their fault.

It made your heart skip a beat.

You involuntarily removed your jacket, boots and socks and hesitantly took off your shorts and tank top.

You had never felt so self-concious before when standing in front of Sam not even when you had horrible bed hair or you wore a pair of small shorts and a baggy t shirt that became a few sizes to small for bed.

Sam looked you over, a hint of redness showing on his cheeks. He coughed, he showed how awkward he felt through it.

"Come on, it'll be fine." He reassured you.

You took his hand and he led you to the water. You stopped once the water reached your hips and
you could knew if you went any further you would end up having a panic attack in front of Sam.

"A little further, you're not going to drown okay? I've got a hold of you." Sam slowly and cautiously settled his hand on waist.

You nodded your head. You sucked in a deep breath to calm yourself down. "Okay."

"Maybe okay will be our always." Sam said smirking as you etched your way further into the water, feeling your feet losing ground.

"Stop quoting The Fault In Our Stars Sam!" You couldn't help but smile.

He knew it was your favourite book - well he was the one that told you about it after all and reading it gave you something to do while travelling. Ever since he gave you it you've been hooked on John Green's work.

You held onto his biceps, feeling your nervous take over your body. You could see your hands shaking against his steady and calm arm.

Sam lowered himself down so he was at your eye level. He took his hands off of you for what seemed like forever to get his hair out of his face.

"Don't let me go!" You blurted out unexpectedly.

Sam's hands for their way to your waist against. Underneath the water it felt pleasant, even on land him holding you made your heart flutter.

Now you were standing, in the middle of water, in your under wear clinging onto his bare arms and admiring his beautiful eyes. They were also shining so brightly even in the darkest of times.

"I'm not going to let you drown," You knew he meant it, I mean why would he let you drown in the first place? "Right so lie on your back."

You looked at him, confused.


"Lie on your back."

"I thought it was going to swim I would be lying on my front?"

Sam let out a small sigh. "It's so you get used to the water, and to stop you from freaking out once your, you know, floating. And I'll hold onto you.

You opened your mouth to protest but shut it again and did as you were told.

You pushed your feet off the rocky bottom underneath you, Sam lay his hand near the base of your back and placed his over hand on your thigh.

The water drifted around you, gripping onto your hair causing it to spread around your head.

Sam was looking down at you with a small smile, gently rubbing his thumb against your thigh making you shiver along with the water.



"Stop stripping me with your eyes."

"I wasn't-" He attempted to protest but you jumped in before he had the chance to.

"You were."

"I will drop you."

"Please don't."

You both stayed silent for a while. The dimming sunlight behind Sam resonated onto him as he watched you, making sure he didn't let you go. Your hand began to drift across the top of the water it felt calming.

"This is nice." You smiled at him to show you were okay.

"Does that mean you're okay with kind of floating?"

"Yes, why are you going to drop me?" The thought of him dropping you into the deep water made your heart race.

He shook his head. "No I'm not."

"Thank God." You huffed.

Sam began to pull you up again until your chests were touching. You held onto his biceps again, your (e/c) eyes locked on his.

"Sam what are you-"

Finished your sentence wasn't an option as Sam's lips attacked yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, running your wet hands through his hair. He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you off your feet so you were hovering over him a little. You pulled away, playing around with his hair in between your fingers.

"Maybe you should give me swimming lessons more often." You whispered, kissing along his jawline.

"Yeah maybe I should." Sam whispered in your ear.

"God sake I left you guys alone for five minutes and your clothes are off!" Dean jokingly shouted, standing by the edge of the river.
Thought I would write a little Sam x reader today. It was originally going to be Castiel but I wasn't sure how to write like this.
And yes I did add John Green, pfft he's so not my favourite author or anything
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