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January 20


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Sherlock?" You asked, watching the detective fix the coat on the young curly haired boy.

"What?" He smiled over at you.

"Where are you taking Hamish?"

His smile grew a little bit as did your sons.

His smile was crooked, much like his fathers. He was the spitting image of him and was already showing his intelligence at such a young age. His hair curled and bounced at the top of his head while his eyes shimmered a bright (e/c).

"Dad's taking me to see a crime scene!" Hamish blurted out excitedly.

"What? Oh no, you are not going to a crime scene." You frowned, lifting the small child up into your arms.

"It's not going to be that bad, (Y/N). Just one of the suicides that have been taken place recently." Sherlock explained.

"That's even worse!" You turned away from him.

You thudded your way upstairs towards Hamish's bedroom.

"Mum! Let me go! Dad promised that he would take me to see a real crime scene!" He whined and squirmed but you wouldn't budge.

"When I say no Hamish I mean no."

You could hear Sherlock's footsteps follow you up the stairs and into Hamish's bedroom. You placed your son down on the ground.

"You can come with us." Sherlock suggested in your ear.

You spun on your heel to face him, your eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Come with us," Sherlock pleaded, taking your hands into his. "It's been a while since you've come with me to a crime scene. It could be like a family outing."

You laughed. "Family outing? Really? Normal family's go and spend the day at the zoo or the park or the cinema-"

"Does it really look as if our family is normal? Your boyfriend is sociopath and your son is highly intelligent for his age."

He began to entwine his gloved fingers into yours.

"Please, (Y/N), just come with us."

You sighed and rolled your eyes. "Fine, I'll come with you, but if anything happens; I will kill you."

Hamish wrapped his arms around your leg and smiled gleefully.

- - - - - -

"Sherlock, you can't bring him in with you. He's just a kid!" Lestrade protested as he stood on the opposite side of the yellow police tape.

Sherlock merely rolled his eyes at him as he held Hamish in his arms. You stood closely behind him, smiling smugly to yourself.

"I told you he wouldn't let you." You sang.

Sherlock ignored your taunting and Lestrade's words and stepped underneath the police tape, holding it open for you to pass under.

You followed him into the building, passing police officers, forensics and the occasional detective.

He set Hamish down onto the floor and proceeded to look over the body that was lying in the middle of the floor. You held onto his shoulders to force him not to follow his father.

You watched Sherlock's every move; from the way he touched the deceased body's coat to the way he check the man's hair.

It was always wonderful, watching him make deductions. You had to admit; you missed this.

Running off to a crime scene to inspect something and listening to Sherlock's deductions while he made everyone else in the room feel stupid.

"Hamish," He beckoned for his son.

Hamish wriggled out of your hand and raced over to his face, his doe eyes staring up at the man in admiration.

He pointed towards the body on the floor. "What do you think?"

The young boy turned to face the body. He knelt down beside it, feeling the jacket with his small fingers and inspecting the body's hand along with his hair.

"His jacket and hair is wet, but it wasn't raining today.." He spoke quietly.

Sherlock nodded along with him, biting his lip to hold back his smile.

"But..but it was raining in Cardiff today!" He said triumphantly, jumping up from the ground. "That's right, isn't it?"

He nodded his head once again and allowed his son to continue with his small deduction that he had made.

"But..he's not dressed for bus-busi.."

"Business." You corrected him with a smile.

"Yeah, that!"

Sherlock rubbed his hair and smiled down at him, pride seeping through his eyes. You could not help but smile at the scene before you.

Hamish continued with his deduction, correcting his words every so often, while Sherlock stood back and watched him spiral words and making the officers feel like complete idiots as someone as young as him could easily spot the things that they had missed so easily.

Sherlock lifted him into his arms once more, smiling proudly.

"Is that the reason you bloody brought him here?" Lestrade asked, folding his arms across his chest and frowning at them.

"Yes, yes it was."
Since so many people were asking for a part 2, here you go! 

Hamish is around seven or eight at the time
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cytez-kaimee Featured By Owner 1 day ago
omg, sherly brought mini john (aka hamish) along to show off his kid???? wow. just wow.
Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
Is there going to be a part 3? 
PandaExperience Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, sorry
Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
Omg that is so cute I LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART 
Jellybaby2003 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
This is sooooooo cute!!!😄 btw isn't  johns middle name hamish? 
PandaExperience Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, yes it is. 
Sakura19912 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Awww lol
zKariLuna Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
awww, lol, its like the adams family..XD only much more awesome on another level! XD yay! love this hamish is awesome!
PandaExperience Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It really is xD 
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